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The role of the NSW Meals on Wheels Association

The NSW MOW Association is the peak body for Meals on Wheels services across the state.  We provide information, advice, advocacy, practical tools and other support services and resources to our members.
We also organise conferences and training on issues relevant to the sector, undertake research and development projects, and work to promote the profile of Meals on Wheels in the media and with the general public.
Our aim is to build the capacity of a network of self-managed community organisations. We are not a 'head office': our Board of Governors is elected by the members and answers to their needs and concerns.
The Association relies on fundraising through raffles, bequests and donations to supplement our government funding and allow us to provide our members with all the support they need.
Further detail about the Association can be found in our Annual Report and Strategic Plan.
Who runs Meals on Wheels?
Most Meals on Wheels and Food Service organisations in NSW are run by local management committees, made up of volunteers from the community. The committees receive and control funding to employ one or more people to manage and coordinate the daily operations of the service.
In this way, every Meals on Wheels organisation remains responsive to specific local needs. In some areas, the Area Health Service, the local Council or the Home Care Service of NSW administers Meals on Wheels and Food Service organisations.
The Association and Services are supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. 

Links to the Association's publications -
  • Strategic Plan
  • Constitution
  • Annual Report and other publications.
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